Performing Environments

Dustin Dean can perform in a variety of situations, surroundings, and venues. His act is flexible and he will cater to your event’s needs! Contact us now to book for your special event and receive a free quote.

Mindreader Dustin Dean is a perfect choice for your event! Whether you are looking for a college mentalist, an elegant wedding entertainer, a way to draw in more customers for your fundraiser, or just some unique entertainment for your corporate party.  We guarantee an experience your guests will never forget!

Strolling Performance

Dustin will amaze your guests in a close-up environment; strolling from table to table giving each group an interactive and intimate performance. He will guess thought of words, names, and drawings. He will predict their actions, unlock their phones, and even bend borrowed coins in their hands! 

This type of performance is perfect for fundraisers, weddings, company parties, or banquet style events!

Stage Performance

Dustin Dean’s highly acclaimed act, “Decide,” is a 1-hour show that will have the audience on the edge of their seats with each twist and turn! He has taken this show to theaters, corporate audiences, and universities. And now he wants to bring this show to you! 

Mindreading, audience interaction, predictions, and of course, FUN is to be expected with this performance!

Questions About Performance?

Easily the most popular choice for most events! Begin with a period of strolling performances as Dustin gives your guests a taste of what is to come. The night comes to and end with his 1-hour stage show, “Decide,” for an epic conclusion to the night that your guests will never stop talking about!

Excellent! Dustin can do a designated table performance. This option is great for those looking for non-invasive entertainment. If you have an event with multiple areas of activities, dining, or other entertainers, this is perfect for you. Dustin will have a designated area to perform in where guests can come to his table at their own convenience. They will experience his mindreading abilities up-close and personal!


Mindreader Dustin Dean is one of the top college mentalists from the Mid-Atlantic to the East Coast! His stage show, “Decide,” was designed for students in mind. It’s a highly interactive show that involves choices and decisions that demonstrate how even the smallest choice can have an impact on our lives and others.

Mind reading is a perfect style of entertainment for anything corporate! Sometimes it’s important to mix things up when it comes to work. They need a break from the usual and experience something incredible and more importantly, FUN! Dustin can even customize his demonstrations to fit the theme of your company and get your message across in an entertaining and engaging way!

Dustin offers a flat rate price for your entire special day! He will amaze your guests strolling from table to table, and at the end of the night perform something special for the bride and the groom that they will always remember!

Dustin specializes in generating publicity and interest for your event. Weeks or months ahead of the fundraiser, Dustin will send a sealed prediction to the event coordinator to be revealed at the end of his performance. This will be showcased and advertised to everyone interested in your event.. Meaning more guests and more funds raised for your special cause!


Contact us and let us know how we can help you! Dustin is completely flexible and will do what he has to do to fit your needs!


Give Your Guests an Unforgettable Experience

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